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I left ireland due to the fact I felt intimidated 8 guys pressure their manner into condominium to evict tenants

I left ireland due to the fact I felt intimidated 8 guys pressure their manner into condominium to evict tenants

A TENANT who turned into unlawfully evicted from his domestic by way of businessman Paul Howard has advised how he left eire due to the fact he felt “extraordinarily intimidated”.

Bruno Clement (29) defined how his property had been thrown out on the street after eight guys compelled their manner into the condominium and evicted the seven humans living there.

The incident befell in January 2016 after the receivers appointed to the apartment wrote to the tenants advising them now not to pay any more hire to their landlord, Paul Howard.

Howard demanded that the tenants hold to pay rent coins-in-hand and once they refused, because of written commands from Cabot economic, he evicted them from the rental and refused to return their deposits.

All tenants had to sleep in emergency lodging and hostels after their “distressing” revel in.

three of the seven lodged proceedings to the Residential Tenancies Board and Howard changed into ordered to pay them a complete of €7,694.

none of the tenants, such as Mr Clement who’s owed €three,260, have received a cent to date.

Mr Clement said he left eire rapidly after his ordeal

He claims Mr Howard called him “severa” times after he lodged the grievance and stated he felt “extremely intimidated”.

In texts seen via unbiased.ie, Mr Howard stated “experience your existence…don’t forget what you did and what you did to me… you best have two alternatives 1. Pay your bill or 2. walk away now… after your lies

once he called me and stated ‘that is what occurs when you mess with Paul Howard'”, he instructed independent.ie.

“i was away at the time when the guys pressured their manner in [to the apartment]. It was really frightening for the others dwelling there. We called the police however there was not anything they may do as it become a civil depend. We at the beginning modified the locks however he [Howard] saved going to the rental, banging on the door and shouting ‘deliver me my money, supply me my cash.”

Mr Clement said his room was “the crappiest ever”, had no windows and there has been a bath within the corner of the room.

He moved in on December 1, 2015 and paid €600 rent and a €600 deposit earlier than being eliminated from the rental the subsequent month.

“I as soon as asked him ought to I wire money in place of paying coins and he said no, strictly cash. occasionally he might get human beings to visit his launderette enterprise to pay.

“He kept calling me announcing I wouldn’t get lower back my deposit. I misplaced a lot treasured stuff after everything that happened. They smashed the door and eight guys, like honestly muscular men, went into every room with flash lighting fixtures and that they placed each belonging into bin baggage and the two of them went outside on the road. All our assets had been mixed up so I did not get a number of them again as i used to be away at the time.

“I could not find the money for the legal costs to do whatever so I simply left it, but after I read about the entirety going on with him this week I had to talk out.”

ultimate week, a man become hospitalised after a set of “up to 10 men” forcibly removed tenants from some other condominium owned by means of Paul Howard in Mountjoy square.

“We have been in bed and we heard a load of banging this morning, it turned into like a sledgehammer banging off something. Then there has been a load of commotion and the tenants were all outdoor inside the hallway in their pyjamas after being dragged out,” a resident of the constructing told impartial.ie.

“There have been round 10 heavies and they have now locked themselves inner,” he brought

Six tenants have been sharing the rental in Mountjoy rectangular.

The high court issued an injunction before Christmas blocking Paul Howard from evicting the tenants till the termination of the dispute resolution proceedings with the Residential Tenancies Board.

On Wednesday, receiver Ken Fennell secured some other interim injunction against Paul Howard and Una McClean, who it’s understood are in a dating, preventing them from interfering with homes in Mountjoy square, Harold’s move, and Kilnamanagh, Tallaght.

The order requires the defendants, their dealers and all folks with information of the injunction to end trespassing, no longer harm, no longer accumulate rent from tenants, and surrender ownership of the properties to the receiver.

counsel said that Mr Fennell’s representative determined a mother and her daughter residing in a one roomed shed beside any other of Mr Howard’s residences.

counsel said there additionally have been an strive with the aid of Mr Howard and every other person to put off a consultant of the receiver from one of the residences.

Mr Howard said “need to I even respond” whilst requested to comment on the above

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