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Seven tried robberies AK47 wielding infantrymen and aggressive elephants Limerick guy’s outstanding international journey

Seven tried robberies AK47 wielding infantrymen and aggressive elephants Limerick guy’s outstanding international journey

A Limerick guy who spent three years cycling around the world has stated that notwithstanding seven tried robberies for the duration of his adventure “99pc of the humans I encountered were absolutely first rate people.”

Will Bennett, a 27-year vintage from Caherdavin in Limerick, returned to his local town remaining month after a definitely epic journey that took in fifty eight countries and 5 continents

alongside the way he encountered bandits, wild elephants and met his modern-day girlfriend however it was the overpowering generosity of people all over the international that has stayed with him.

Will prompt in January 2015 after five years of making plans and saving for his adventure.

“i have always had an intense love of journey and knew that for the duration of my existence I wanted to take off for an prolonged period of time and clearly see the arena,” he told impartial.ie.

“no longer simply the parts of the world which can be deemed secure to visit however most of the components of the sector which might be portrayed by way of the media and our government warnings as risky locations full of despicable humans. I honestly wanted to peer these nations for myself, sampling each and every tradition, doing my pleasant to recognize them and then forming my personal critiques

brought in with Will’s love of mountain cycling and interest in journey he tells us that placing off to cycle round the world “ticked all of these containers”.

After his initial eu course that took in Poland and western Ukraine in the course of their wintry weather, he ultimately crossed the Bosphorus Strait and entered Asia

Will’s ride across Asia saw him pass thru international locations that have a reputation as being doubtlessly risky, such as Iran, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, but Will says that the humans he met there were a number of the most welcoming and generous in the global.

“at some stage in my crossing of Iran, no longer an afternoon went via in which I wasn’t invited for lunch or welcomed right into a own family home to spend the night time. And in international locations like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the biggest hazard changed into accepting too much vodka from the friendly drivers who would pull over and demand which you eat and do photographs with them before noon

but, in his very first day in Mongolia, Will suffered one of the worst experiences of his trek, where he was attacked, an incident that positioned him off the street for 2 months.

whilst spending the night with a own family near the Russian border the daddy of the house robbed of his baggage in the middle of the night and after Will threatened to name the police, a row broke out.

“After receiving seven punches to the top, and without a manner to get away I had no choice however to fight for my lifestyles, throwing a punch so tough that it shattered my knuckle and broke my attacker’s jaw, dislodging of his tooth and knocking him unconscious inside the system.”

Will fled on foot and hid even as the person, after waking, looked for him inside the remote village.

After making his escape from the village together with his assets Will needed to have surgical procedure on his hand and turned into out of motion for seven weeks. once his hand healed he then needed to cycle across China in wintry weather, at a charge of 100 kilometres day, each day, for two months to beat an expiring visa

better times again as he island hopped throughout south east Asia accompanied through pedalling south from Darwin across the centre of Australia before departing to South the usa from Sydney.

His South American leg took him from Colombia, through far off and threatening roads within the Pervian Andes and southern Brazil earlier than he flew to Cape town in South Africa for the long journey northwards up the African continent.

Will describes Africa as being “by way of some distance the hardest part of my cycle.”

He encountered competitive roaming elephants in Botswana, passing 60 of them in 3 days, and had to negotiate a dangerous 4-day journey via a phase of Kenya wherein bandits target visitors.

In Egypt, government fears over a traveller coming to harm meant he became followed by using AK47-wielding squaddies for his transit there

most people of them were quite high-quality but and satisfied to assist with blockading the headwind by using in front of me as I drafted in the back of their vans. I even camped at one of the police stations one night and turned into welcomed in with open palms.”

The final leg, a four,000km ‘sprint’ across Europe saw him finish up in his home city of Limerick on January 13, 1,a hundred and five days after he prompt.

despite the robberies and different drama, Bennett become left with an overwhelmingly positive view of the sector.

“without exception, in each single united states of america i have surpassed thru, i have been met with some act of generosity or hospitality. whether or not this turned into the countless humans in Iran who might invite me for lunch in their homes, the farmer in Turkmenistan who invited me to sleep in his house after you have caught out cycling inside the dark, the soldiers in Tajikistan who arrived at my tent one night to give me food once I had all but run out, the tribes in Borneo who would invite me to live at the floors in their communal houses, the own family in Indonesia who positioned me up and took care of me for 5 days as I recovered from dengue fever, the endless Australians who crammed me up with food and water whilst crossing the outback, the massive amounts of amazing alcohol shared through the Peruvians and the humans of Zambia who could continually welcome me to pitch my tent at their school, health facility or police outpost.

“no matter what country or continent i am on, i have been welcomed with a few surely astounding hospitality and despite the fact that there had been some hiccups alongside the way, i can appropriately say that 99% of the humans i have encountered were virtually decent folk.”

Will, who additionally met his lady friend Elana at the journey, at the same time as in Turkey, says the plan now’s to “relaxation the legs” before writing a book about his travels.

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